Total IT Solutions

At CORE TECHNOLOGY CONSULTANCY (CTC), we have the bandwidth to handle any size project and the skills to deliver end-to-end solutions. We begin each project by extensively reviewing your requirements and determining the products best suited for your company. Using this approach, our consultants can create reliable, scalable, flexible and secure applications for your growing business demands.

Beyond supplying the initial implementation, we also provide post-implementation support, including server administration and general troubleshooting. It’s our ultimate goal to provide you with complete technology solutions catered to your specific needs.

Our consultants provide on-site staff augmentation while our software development center serves as a resource for off-site development opportunities. With The Total IT Solution, we can address both your short-term tactical goals and your long-term strategic goals.

Our Practices

CORE TECHNOLOGY CONSULTANCY (CTC) focuses its expertise on eight key areas of practice, each of which concentrates on crucial technology components of today’s business environment. Zeroing on these fundamental technologies has allowed us to cultivate “centers of excellence” within our organization and develop partnerships with a wide array of supporting technology companies. The advantages gained by CORE in collaborating with these major companies include access to advanced training, specialized support information and early production releases of their products.

In turn, our clients reap the benefits of these advantages. Our employees are able to keep their knowledge base current and have the opportunity to participate in information sharing sessions. The wealth of information available to our consultants vastly increases the level of expertise they will employ in solving your business and technology challenges.

Leaders within each practice area stay in touch with constantly changing requirements of technology and business. In the continued effort to gain a competitive advantage for your company, implementing a desirable, technical solution is vital. CORE TECHNOLOGY’s Practice Managers are ready to assist your business in selecting and applying key technologies that meet your business objectives

Information Technology Consultancy

Our consultancy team focus on delivering the following services:

  • Flexible IT Advisory Services: Our experts implement new and/or improve existing IT platforms to improve the performance of companies’ customer experience and acquisition; 
  • Development of an organizations IT Policy & Security Guidelines;
  • IT Audits: Improve business decisions through visualization of key business outcomes through IT audits, gap assessments, workshops; 
  • Cloud Advisory Services: scalable enterprise-grade solutions that create and transform companies’ cloud strategy and operational performance; 
  • IT Process and Service Management: Deliver high quality services to maximize IT’s contribution to business;
  • IT Strategy and Architecture: Integrate and align IT with your business strategies through developing a detailed functional specifications to your application needs for improved agility, greater value and faster growth; 
  • Service Integration and Management: Maximize business value through innovative, predictable and flexible delivery of end-to-end services with strong governance and collaboration.

ERP Selection Process:  The identification and selection of an ERP is a complex process, our independent ERP selection and implementation consultants provide expert client-side guidance, including confirming requirements, guiding testing, implementing change management mitigation, planning for data migration, and go-live cut-over.